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Andrew Ambrose-Thurman (5.2-kyu)

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Game Details

DateBlackWhiteBoard sizeHandicapResult
2023-05-15William CleeveAndrew Ambrose-Thurman9 x 9-19.5 komiB+41.5
2023-05-15Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanSam Bithell13 x 13-29.5 komiB+14.5
2023-04-27Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanSam Bithell13 x 13-29.5 komiB+23.5
2023-04-24Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanDan Milne19 x 19-19.5 komiB+R
2023-03-13William CleeveAndrew Ambrose-Thurman19 x 1910, 0.5 komiW+115.5
2023-03-13Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanDan Milne19 x 190.5 komiW+15.5
2023-03-09Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanDan Milne19 x 190.5 komiB+R
2023-03-06Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanSam Bithell19 x 198, 10.5 komiB+R
2023-02-23Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanHarit Mahaton19 x 196.5 komiB+R
2023-02-20William CleeveAndrew Ambrose-Thurman19 x 19-99.5 komiW+26.5
2023-02-13Craig MacleanAndrew Ambrose-Thurman9 x 9-25.5 komiB+23.5
2023-02-13William CleeveAndrew Ambrose-Thurman9 x 9-21.5 komiB+2.5
2023-02-13Harit MahatonAndrew Ambrose-Thurman19 x 196.5 komiW+13.5
2023-01-26Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanHarit Mahaton9 x 96.5 komiW+R
2023-01-26Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanHarit Mahaton9 x 96.5 komiW+4.5
2023-01-26Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanDan Milne19 x 190.5 komiW+12.5
2023-01-16Jeremi GrabasAndrew Ambrose-Thurman13 x 134, -34.5 komiW+R
2023-01-16Harit MahatonAndrew Ambrose-Thurman19 x 196.5 komiW+16.5
2023-01-16Andrew Ambrose-ThurmanHarit Mahaton19 x 190.5 komiB+R
2023-01-09Jeremi GrabasAndrew Ambrose-Thurman9 x 94, 4.5 komiW+4.5

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