The Go Club will be trialing face to face meetings for one session per week. The remaining sessions will be online. If case numbers rise, both sessions may move back online.

This is a trial, and may change at any time. Starting from the beginning of October, the Monday session will remain online, but there will be a Thursday session in the Elm Tree.

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Total5 (25%)15 (75%)
19x195 (27.78%)13 (72.22%)
13x130 (0%)1 (100%)
9x90 (0%)1 (100%)

DateBlackWhiteBoard sizeHandicapResult
2022-01-17Chris MuseJames Urquhart19 x 190.5 komiW+T
2022-01-13Matthew FryeDan Milne19 x 190.5 komiW+R
2022-01-10James UrquhartChris Muse19 x 1910.5 komiB+R
2022-01-10James UrquhartChris Muse19 x 1910.5 komiW+T
2022-01-03Chris MuseDan Milne19 x 19-29.5 komiB+42.5
2021-12-20James UrquhartDan Milne19 x 190.5 komiW+R
2021-12-13Robin NandiJames Urquhart19 x 19-29.5 komiB+T
2021-12-09Nicholas YellandSam Bithell19 x 19-89.5 komiB+25.5
2021-12-09Dan MilneDavid Huang19 x 1910.5 komiW+R
2021-12-09David HuangSam Bithell19 x 19-59.5 komiW+1.5
2021-12-09Rich BentleyDan Milne19 x 196.5 komiW+R
2021-12-06James UrquhartMatthew Frye19 x 196.5 komiW+24.5
2021-12-02Dan MilneSam Bithell19 x 19-39.5 komiW+R
2021-12-02Rich BentleySam Bithell19 x 19-29.5 komiW+R
2021-11-29James UrquhartRobin Nandi9 x 97.5 komiW+R
2021-11-29Emily WilliamsMatthew Frye13 x 134, -19.5 komiW+46.5
2021-11-29James UrquhartRobin Nandi19 x 1920.5 komiB+37.5
2021-11-25Nicholas YellandDavid Huang19 x 19-29.5 komiW+R
2021-11-25Nicholas YellandRich Bentley19 x 19-49.5 komiW+19.5
2021-11-25Dan MilneSam Bithell19 x 192, -19.5 komiW+R

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