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Below are a number of statistics on the club in general. For statistics about individual players, please select them from the main ladder list.

Persistence and Improvement

Two prizes are awarded termly - an 'improvement prize' for the member whose shoe ranking has improved most over the term, and a 'persistence prize' for the member who has played the most games.

Details to be added

Number of games played

Number of players

Spread of ranks

Historical data (prior to 17-02-2011) was obtained from archive sites, and so is intermittent. Data from 17-02-2011 to 14-11-2012 was updated daily (well; for a short while bi-weekly), but dates are based on the first update after the games were entered into the ladder, which may itself be a few days after the games took place. Game and rank data from summer 2011 to summer 2012 are missing. Blame Andrew. Data after 14-11-2012 is updated game by game, so all dates and ranks should be accurate.

There's a bug in the graph where 0 comes - there is no zero, but the graph can't cope with this.

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