Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all face to face Durham Go Club meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future, but online meetings will continue.

In the meantime:

Durham Go Club - Mailing List


The Go Club has two mailing lists - one for during term time (when most of our members are around), and one for the vacations (when the club is rather smaller).

Most students are only in Durham during university term time. If you're around during the vacations as well (for example you live in Durham full time, or you're doing a degree such as a PhD that runs year round), tick the box to keep getting emails out of term.

Enter email address:
I am in Durham during the vacations


If you'd like to stop getting Go emails, you simply need to send a blank email (from the address you signed up) to players-unsubscribe@durhamgo.club (for the termtime list) and vacation-unsubscribe@durhamgo.club (for the vacation list).

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