The Go Club will be trialing face to face meetings for one session per week. The remaining sessions will be online. If case numbers rise, both sessions may move back online.

This is a trial, and may change at any time. Starting from the beginning of October, the Monday session will remain online, but there will be a Thursday session in the Elm Tree.

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Name Start Shoe Current Shoe Current Grade Improvement Persistence
Leo Kai Mei9289285.8-dan00
Weslie (?)8838835.2-dan00
Shiyu (?)8688685-dan00
Davis (?)7337333-dan00
Jae (?)6906902.3-dan00
Alex Kent6686681.9-dan00
Sam Bithell6646641.8-dan00
Teddy McManus620620-0-kyu00
Chris (?)4634633.4-kyu00
Alexander Terefenko4594593.5-kyu00
Rich Bentley4584583.5-kyu00
Dan Milne4314314.2-kyu02
Shashwat Chandra4294294.3-kyu00
David Huang3763765.8-kyu00
Paul Callaghan3743745.8-kyu00
Matthew Frye3703666.1-kyu-41
James Urquhart3613656.1-kyu43
Andrew Ambrose-Thurman3523526.5-kyu00
Chris Muse3153157.7-kyu04
Nicholas Yelland2882888.7-kyu00
Robin Nandi2842848.9-kyu00
Emily Williams11011018.5-kyu00
William Cleeve979719.6-kyu00
Jeremy Cai737322-kyu00
Kayla (?)494925-kyu00
Richard Watson454525.6-kyu00

Persistence/Improvement last reset on 2022-01-03

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