Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all face to face Durham Go Club meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future, but online meetings will continue.

In the meantime:

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Name Start Shoe Current Shoe Current Grade Improvement Persistence
Tom Coulthard5585621.1-kyu42
William Hong4284284.3-kyu00
Alexander Terefenko3914154.6-kyu2435
Andrew Ambrose-Thurman3813596.3-kyu-2221
Dan Milne3273446.8-kyu1730
David Killen3243207.6-kyu-43
Nicholas Yelland18524210.6-kyu5728
James Urquhart24022811.3-kyu-125
Tom Hill10210419-kyu25
Robin Nandi9510319.1-kyu81
Luke Ainscow6310119.3-kyu3810
Matthew Berto939320-kyu02

Persistence/Improvement last reset on 2020-01-13

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