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Ranking Ladder

Click here to view the full ranking ladder; below are statistics and some information about the ladder.


These will appear here eventually, with information like the number of games played, the average club strength, the current leaders in Improvement and Persistance, etc.

But they're not here yet.

The Shoe System

These rankings provide us with an opportunity to measure ourselves and our progress against other members of the club. They also aid in the matter of choosing handicaps in games between members of the club.

All you really need to know about it, unless you're curious about the workings, is that we record who plays who, with what handicap and who won by how much, and then use that information to measure how well they're playing. For more information, read on and follow the links! Alternatively, visit the ranking ladder.

For more information on this ladder and how it was designed, visit How I Made This Ladder. For a quicker, but incomplete, description of how it works, the Club FAQ may be more helpful.

The nifty applet and ranking ladder are currently stored elsewhere. These things will be integrated eventually. You won't be able to see your ranking easily, however, unless you're a member of the club.

Prizes are awarded termly; an "improvement prize" for the member whose shoe ranking has improved most over the term, and a "persistence prize" for the member who has played the most games. Since we very willingly play and teach people who are not paid-up members of the club, this, along with access to the library, is one of the most important benefits of membership!

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