Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all face to face Durham Go Club meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future, but online meetings will continue.

In the meantime:

Chatting with the Go Club


The Go Club has a Discord server, so people can keep in touch when they're not in the pub playing Go together. It's also handy for asking questions about things.

You'll need to register with Discord before you start.

Click here to connect to the Go Club server

If you'd rather not use the web interface, you can download the app (for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, or iPhone) - use the same link as above to connect to the server.

General use notes

'I connected, and there were people around, but no one said anything! So I gave up and left' - This used to be something that new people would say when they first tried connecting to our old IRC channel, and it'll probably be true for Discord as well.

It's quite normal for things to be quiet sometimes - say Hello and wait to see who replies.

People are usually online, but they might not actually be at their computers at that moment - they might be asleep, or in the pub, or busy doing something else.

Don't just leave because it's quiet for a while! People are likely to come back later, so hang around - leave the client running while you do something else, and see what happens.

Make sure you say something when you go onto the channel (if you want to talk) - someone else might be around, but they probably won't notice that you've arrived if you don't say anything, and they'll not talk to you if they don't know you're there!

If you talk in the main channel, then everyone can see what you've said. You can also talk to people individually, if you want to send someone specific a message. To do this, click on their name - a new tab should open. You can then type into this and it will appear on just their client.


To let the club keep meeting during the Coronavirus pandemic, we've set up a group on OGS to let people play each other.

You'll need to register with OGS before you start.

Click here to go to the Durham Go Club group

The club Ranking Ladder can tell you what your current rank is. While you're playing, why not join our Discord server to chat to other players?


Many years ago the club used to use an IRC channel (#go on or port 6667; web client), which fell out of use some time ago.

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For more information about the club, please email the Exec.

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