Originally Durham Go Club used members' equipment, until 2002 when a grant from the (then) Graduate Society (now Ustinov College) enabled us to buy some equipment of our own.

In order to keep expanding we needed more money, and as membership now covered far more than just postgraduates it wasn't really appropriate to carry on being a GradSoc society. The club became a ratified DSU Society.

Occasionally the DSU requires us to charge a membership fee. Joining is always entirely optional, though, and anyone is welcome to come and play Go with us without paying anything.


The Go Club is also affiliated with the British Go Association, who support us (and other clubs across the country) with promoting Go and running activities, for example by providing leaflets and other resources, and by lending equipment for tournaments.

You can read our Constitution, chosen at our first AGM in December 2003, and modified occasionally since then.

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