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Money and Equipment

Originally, Durham Go Club used members' equipment, until 2002, when a grant from the (then) Graduate Society enabled us to buy some equipment of our own.

In order to keep expanding, we needed more money, and it wasn't really appropriate to carry on being a GradSoc society; we're far more diverse than that, now. We decided to become a ratified DSU Society. In order to do that, we now charge a membership fee of £3.50, though joining is entirely optional and anyone is welcome to come and play Go with us. Originally we were a small society, but this classification has since been abandoned and we are just a society that is relatively small. As a ratified society we are eligible for webspace and, in principle, funding.

The club continued (and continues!) to grow, and we own several large boards and sets of stones. We also like to be able to buy small prizes for terms prizes as a result of the ranking system.

You can read the Constitution, chosen at our first AGM in December 2003, and modified occasionally since then.

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For more information about the club, please email the Exec.

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