Durham Go Club Constitution

Last amended by the Annual General Meeting on 30th May 2013

Reconfirmed by the Annual General Meeting on 5th June 2014

1. Name and Status

(a) The club shall be called Durham Go Club

(b) The aims and objectives of the club shall be:

i. To hold regular sessions for the playing of Go.

ii. To promote the playing of Go within the university, local, regional, national and international communities;

iii. To support the British Go Association in its promotional activities;

iv. To improve members' standards of play;

v. To run, and promote members' attendance at, tournaments.

(c) The club, should the Training Committee or a General Meeting feel it appropriate, may claim grants from DSU or other appropriate bodies in pursuance of the aims and objectives. Such grants shall only be spent for the purpose for which they were obtained.

(d) As a ratified society of Durham Students' Union, and as an affiliate of the British Go Association, the society shall follow all policies of DSU and the BGA which those organisations deem applicable to societies.

2. Membership

(a) Membership of the club shall be open to all people who pay the annual membership fee. This fee shall be set by the Training Committee and shall not be less than the minimum subscription set by DSU.

(b) Non-members of the club shall normally be welcome to attend playing and training sessions free of charge, and to use the equipment of the club during these meetings. The Training Committee may for any particular non-member revoke this privilege.

(c) Membership of the club shall grant the following privileges.

(d) Any relevant officer of DSU, the BGA or other organisations with which the club has an affiliation may attend meetings of the society at the request of society members or of official bodies of the visiting organisations, provided that notice is provided in advance.

3. Officers of the Club

(a) The Training Committee

i. The club shall be primarily administrated by a Training Committee, that shall exist as defined below. The Training Committee shall meet at the request of any member of the club, and shall be kept informed of relevant actions of the members of the committee.

ii. Meetings of the Training Committee shall be advertised at least one week in advance (unless an emergency prevents this) to the members of the Society and the Advisor, via the mailing list of members, and shall be open for any member of the Society to attend as a non-voting observer.

iii. Decisions of the Training Committee shall be by consensus where possible, but otherwise by simple majority.

iv. The members of the Training Committee shall be the Executive Officers as defined below and all willing members of the society who are ranked as 12 kyu or above, (a General Meeting having defined the criterion upon which this rank shall be measured), unless they have been removed from the Committee by General Meeting as described below. The Advisor shall not be a non-voting member of the Committee unless he or she is a member of the Society.

v. The quoracy of the Training Committee shall be half (rounding up) of the number of people currently on the Committee.

vi. A person who is on the committee by virtue of both Executive Office and Go-playing rank shall be deemed to have only one vote on the Committee.

vii. The Committee shall have responsibilities including but not limited to:

viii. The responsibilities of the Committee may be delegated to any willing member of the Committee or of the Society.

ix. In the event of no member of the Society being willing to perform the responsibilities of the Committee, these responsibilities shall devolve upon the President.

x. The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be the cheque signatories for the Society's bank account.

(b) Executive Officers

i. The President

ii. The Secretary

iii. The Treasurer

iv. The Advisor

(c) Non-Executive Officers

i. Bishop

ii. Missionary

4. General Meetings

(a) The club shall hold General Meetings at dates determined by the Training Committee, to include at least one each year.

(b) All members of the club shall be entitled to attend General Meetings, as shall the Advisor. At the request (in advance) of DSU, the officer responsible for DSU-ratified societies may also attend, but not vote unless they are also a member of the club.

(c) No General Meeting shall take place outside undergraduate term at the University of Durham.

(d) A General Meeting may discuss any business relevant to the club, to include but not be restricted to:

i. The election of the Officers of the club (with the exception of the Advisor), which shall take place at least annually by Alternative Vote.

ii. The removal from office, by a simple majority, of one or more officers of the club.

iii. The removal, by a simple majority, from the Training Committee of any non-ex officio member of the Committee, either temporarily (for a term defined by the meeting) or permanently.

iv. The presentation of accounts to the membership, to take place at least annually.

(e) Amendment, by two-thirds majority, of this Constitution. If such an amendment would cause a conflict between the Constitution and the DSU Society Regulations, then a two-thirds majority will be required, and the Training Committee shall be deemed to have been mandated to take actions necessary for disaffiliation from DSU.

(f) 10% of the club, or 5 members of the club, whichever is fewer, may collectively request that a General Meeting be called, and the Training Committee shall call one to take place within three weeks of this request (unless this would be impossible under 4c, in which case it shall take place within three weeks of the start of the next undergraduate term).

(g) At least seven days' notice shall be given to the members of all General Meetings.

(h) Should an office of the club become vacant, for whatever reason, a General Meeting shall be called as if one had been requested under by members as above.

5. Club Equipment

Equipment owned by the club shall be kept by the members designated by the Training Committee who are willing to ensure that the equipment is available to the club when necessary, and to attend a majority of the regular playing events.

6. Standing Policies


(a) The club shall not discriminate unfairly for any reason.

(b) The club shall not discriminate for any reason upon the grounds of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

Distribution of Information to Members

Distribution of information shall take place through an email list, to which all members of the club shall be expected to provide a valid email address at which they can be contacted. Members who do not wish to provide a valid email address shall be responsible for specifying a reasonable alternative method of contacting them, and the club will be under no obligation to contact them until a reasonable alternative is specified. DSU shall be entitled to specify one email address to be included upon this email list.

7. Amendment of this Constitution

(a) The Constitution may be amended at a General Meeting subject to approval by two-thirds of those members present.

(b) In the event of a change to the DSU Society Regulations necessitating a change to the Constitution, the Training Committee may by two-thirds majority vote make the necessary change only, pending a General Meeting to take place within three weeks of undergraduate term to confirm or reject this change. Such a change shall be immediately reported to the members of the society.

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