Durham Go Tournament


New Club Member wins Durham

The 8th annual Durham Go Tournament took place in the lecture theatres of Elvet Riverside - the usual six-round McMahon tournament with lightning and small board side events. 42 players took part, a pleasingly high turnout, and for the first time the tournament was won by a Durham player, recent acquisition Andrew Kay, who was the only player to win all six games. Another Durham dan player, Alex Kent, won five games, as did Andre Cockburn of Nottingham and Pat Ridley of Chester. On four wins were Yuhan Jin of Teesside, Sandy Taylor of Durham, Alan Thornton of St Albans, Scott Owens of Cambridge, Robin Zigmond of Durham and Paul Taylor of Durham. The small board event was won by David Sinclair of Durham, with Ludan Fang of CLGC in second place. Andrew Kay managed to find the time to win the lightning side event as well as the main. 35 players and family visited a local restaurant on Saturday evening in Durham's traditional friendly manner. Sandy Taylor, who is about to graduate and leave the club, was awarded a Goat Ornament to celebrate his three years as President.

(British Go Journal no 157, Autumn 2011, p19)

Results list (British Go Association)

Tournament card (European Go Database)

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