Durham Go Tournament


Biggest Durham Ends in 3-way Tie

This weekend has seen the biggest Durham Go Tournament ever, with 54 people gathering at St John's College, Durham for two days and a lot of Go.

Since it was the biggest Durham tournament ever, having a mere one winner seemed paltry, so in the absence of meaningful tie-breaks, the tournament was won jointly by Matt Reid, Yohei Negi and Matt Crosby, all on five wins.

The tournament was enlivened on the first day with regular reports from Andrew Kay, who had been expected to arrive in Durham on Friday evening, but had chosen to hitch-hike, and spent much of Saturday on the road, finally getting to Durham about 9pm, by which time three rounds were over and 35 players had eaten in a Chinese buffet. So we took him to the pub and fed him chips.

Scott Owens (9 kyu) from Cambridge was the only player with 6 wins, and the other players on five wins were Jamie Taylor and James Hadfield. Prizewinners with four wins were Luke Humphreys, Gregor Welsh, Dave Cantrell, Andre Cockburn, Will Taylor, Edmund Stephen-Smith, Sandy Taylor and Nick Krempel. The Small Board tournament was won by David Taylor, and the Lightning Tournament jointly between Edwin Brady (person on 100% with most wins) and Dave Cantrell (most wins overall). Additional prizes went to Susan Taylor, who baked us shortbread in a Go board design, and Adam Watts who baked very popular flapjacks. Finally, a special prize was awarded to Gerry Mills for his stalwart service providing the bookshop to the tournament over the years.

(British Go Journal no 153, Autumn 2010, p7)

Results list (British Go Association)

Tournament card (European Go Database)

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