Durham Go Tournament


The 6th Durham Tournament took part at the College of St Hild and St Bede alongside the Durham Regatta. In fact, some of the time you could listen to the race commentaries from the adjacent river. Thirty-three players took part in the Go, almost a half were local; two thirds attended the trip to the Chinese buffet. Winner from St Andrews was Yohei Negi, 2d. Local player Xuan Ma, 9k, won all 6. Yuhan Jin, 1d, won 4/5 and John Shafer, 9k, won 3/4. Prizes from the local brewery for 4/6 went to Pat Ridley, 13k, from Chester, David Lee, 2d, from Dundee, and locals Adam Prescott, 12k, Ben Riddell, 9k, and Sandy Taylor, 1d. The Lightning Go side event was won by Jamie Taylor, 7k, with a tenacity prize for Andrew Thurman, also 7k. The Small Board side event was won by Adam Watts, 6k. Jenny Radcliffe also awarded a special prize for making the tournament director’s day to 8-year-old David Taylor, 27k.

(British Go Journal no 149, Autumn 2009, p6)

Results list (British Go Association)

Tournament card (European Go Database)

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