People in the Go Club


There are many people who play at the Go Club - some more often than others - and a lot of people help with the smooth running of the club. The club is run by an Exec and a Training Committee, and if you want to get in touch with the club you should email them in the first instance (or ask in person at one of the sessions).

Alice Ambrose-Thurman (Bishop)

Alice, who organises the day to day running of the club, is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Company Secretary who studied Classics at Hild Bede

Andrew Ambrose-Thurman (President)

Andrew is an R&D Electronic Engineer who studied Engineering at Castle for 10 years, but is now doing an MBA

David Liu (Secretary)

David is studying Chemistry at Grey

William Hong (Treasurer)

William is doing a PhD in the Business School

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For more information about the club, please email the Exec.

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