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People in the Go Club

These are some of the people who play at the Go Club, some of whom you may also meet if you play on KGS.

Name and post (if any)   Go Server username(s)
Alice Ambrose-Griffith, Bishop Alice, who runs the club, is a Chartered Accountant at Nissan who studied Classics at Hild Bede AliceAG on KGS
Joshua Green, President Josh is a third year undergraduate studying Engineering at Trevs
James Milne, Secretary James is a second year undergraduate studying Maths at Hild Bede
James Ryan, Treasurer James is a second year undergraduate studying Music at Cuths
Andrew Thurman, Training Committee Member Andrew is an Engineering student from Castle, currently writing up a PhD while working as an electronic engineer in R&D amlt on KGS
Rich Bentley, Training Committee member Rich is a chemical engineer from Teesside. svejk on KGS

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